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A professional network and consulting group committed to environmental and social improvement.

Strategic Advising and Writing

Assessment, Feasibility and Evaluation

Leadership Coaching and Team Development

Community-Network Coalition Development

Conference and Symposium Management

Resource Exploration

Linkage to Clean Energy Technologies


Quality Guidance is the Path to Success.

Consulting with Consciousness

LEAD Vision LLC 

A network of conscious, high quality consultants that care about social justice, humanitarian, renewable energy and sustainability principles.   Through this network, the total service spectrum includes expertise in:

What is your leading vision and where is it navigating you?

Partnership Driven

Our success - and your success - is augmented through partnerships with colleagues and companies that enable mutual benefit. Through referral and strategic alliance agreements, business success is expanded.  Partner with us!

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Georgia M. Reash, Founder LEAD Vision LLC

President, BrightSpot Communities

Sectors of Experience

"Our distinction among consulting firms is three-fold: success for our clients through a network of high caliper professionals, global professionals - our Greater Good ethics and our integrated systems approach that considers the entire client and project ecosystem."


Start-Ups, Real Estate, Women's Business Development, Municipal Government, Economic and Workforce Development, Sustainability, International Health, Aeronautics, Criminal Justice, Citizen Engagement, Community Development, Enterprise Development, Manufacturing, Energy and Renewable Energy, Social Justice, Health Care, Complementary Alternative Medicine, Education, The Arts, Child and Family Welfare, Spirituality and Faith, Renewable Energy Housing and Various Emerging Technologies.

Is your vision inspired by a great passion within?

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